Mastertherm Online:
control your home's heating and cooling
over Internet

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About Online App

Web and mobile applications enable remote monitoring and control of your internet connected heatpump.

User Friendly

You do not need to read user guids to be able to monitor and control your heatpump with web or mobile app. You will found apps familier as the user interface is the same on heatpump, web and mobile.

Easy To Control

Use the apps to easy set your comfort room temperature or domestic hot water temperature. Customize the heatpump settings, or even switch your heat pump off and back on again, remotely. Locate your heatpump and get weather forecast right in the app.

Free of Charge

Applications are provided free of charge. Internet usage fees are subject to your internet provider.

How to Access Mastertherm Heatpump Remotely?


Contact your installer for support in obtaining login credentials and authorization of remote access to your heatpump.

Download App

You are encourage to download mobile app for your phone and tablet.
You can directly login to Mastertherm Online web application on this site.

Log In

Enter your login credentials (username, password) to mobile application or login to web application.

Take control

Use the mobile or web application to remotly monitor and control your heatpump over Internet.

App Screenshots

Download Mastertherm Mobile App Today!

MasterTherm mobile application allows you to monitor and control your MasterTherm heat pump remotely from your Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet over the Internet.
Applications are available for pre-release testing, only. We will inform you here once applications will be officially released.